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General Questions that I usually get asked first

What makes Brogan Video different?

I am the sole owner and manager. I sell, shoot, edit, and deliver each wedding. That means that each client has only one person they need to communicate with. This means I will have an easier time making the video be a reflection of you. Also, the person who will shoot your wedding will not be a stranger. If, anything needs to be corrected there is only one point of contact and every client will have my personal cell phone number.

Because I have few clients I can afford myself the time to finess each video until it’s something that people will love. I am open to any ideas or challenges, I love them. Each video is critiqued and recut until my clients are satisfied that they have the best video possible. The recut phase is critical for me because people often, as I hope they do, feel free to say crazy things that they only later realize they don’t want in a video family heirloom. Additionally, most people, myself included, can be very sensitive about how they are portrayed and the recut process allows my clients the greatest freedom to decide for themselves how they want to be seen.

I strive to make each video tell a story with the bride and groom providing the principal narration through interviews at the beginning and at the end of the day. Their friends and family bolster the story with their thoughts and stories.

What are your prices?

The camera packages I offer and their prices are all detailed on the “Video Samples” page.
How long are your videos? How much of the day do you cover?
You will have two videos, one will be a video covering the whole day. It is typically forty minutes to two hours long depending on how many activities you have on your wedding day, how long events like the ceremony last, and how much you want included in the video.

The other video is the highlight video, which is typically two to five minutes long and is a short, fun summation of the wedding day. The samples page is full of examples of these videos.

Each video uses the music of your choice, your style, your graphics, and wants to be a unique reflection of you.

Do you charge an hourly rate?

None of my packages have an hourly limit. I will be available as early as you need me and I’ll be there as late as you need me.

What does the final product look like?

After you have declared the video finished, with no more changes needed, I will create the DVD from your wedding photos. The case, disc, and DVD menus are all custom made with your images and your wedding colors. To those who want to be creative, nearly anything you have seen on a DVD at home can be incorporated in your wedding DVD. Special features, additional videos, slideshows, audio commentaries, and hidden surprises have all been used before and can be used again.

How long until I see my video?

Because I do all the editing and post-production work myself I contractually allow myself a five month turnaround from the day I have all the materials I need to start working on a video and the final payment is made. This is a absolute deadline that will necessitate full or partial refund if it’s passed. Thankfully that doesn’t happen. In practice, every client since Brogan Video was created has received a first cut to review and critique no later than two months after the work started. I understand people’s desire to see their video soon and I work hard to ensure they do but I insist the time be spent to properly polish the video and make it the best it can be.

How do you accept payment? Do you offer financing?

I can accept cash, check, credit card, or paypal. I am open to almost any financing plan that is reasonable. I can work out a plan that will allow for as much as half of the contract balance to be paid after the wedding date.

Do you do day-of videos?

I do not do “day-of” wedding videos: the expense is too high, the results are too unreliable, and it leaves no time for client’s feedback and review. A preferred offering would be the “How-we-met” video, where the clients have the chance to be interviewed and tell their story of their relationship, how it started, how it developed, how it lead to an engagement, and what makes their relationship unique. These are perfect to play at the reception to an excited crowd.

Do you also do photography?

I do not. I am a skilled photographer but not enough to consider myself proffessional. I do work with a small handful of photographers that I will unreservedly recommend to offer that service.

Will you be in the way of the wedding party or the photographer?

I always strive to be out of the way and not interfere with events and the guests. I make this ideal very clear to my shooters and assistants on the day. We all dress and present ourselves professionally, but friendly. I like to refer to my team as ninjas because we blend it, are easy to ignore, and get our shots while you are busy with important preparations.

What Brides and Grooms should know before they sign up

What’s the first step to hiring Brogan Video?

The first step is to find a convenient time for a consultation.

The consultation is merely a meeting between the clients and myself. I take all the notes I can about your wedding plans, your tastes, and what I can do to reflect them in a way you will be proud of. I always prefer that both the bride and groom are present. Anyone else that wants to help the couple with their wedding planning is welcome to join the meeting. I enjoy meeting couples in their home but many people prefer coffee shops, bagel shops, or cafes.

It is possible for me to sign up a new client on the spot, take payment, and send a receipt to their email. The client will not be required to sign up at the consultation. Going home and thinking it over is perfectly okay.

For those people who are just too busy to find a time and place to meet I am open to meet on video chat.

Do you travel?

Shooting anywhere in or around the Bay Area is no problem, any wedding outside of the Bay is available, and destination weddings are heartfully encouraged.

Do you accept last minute bookings?

Yes, as long as the date is still available I am happy to take new clients as late as the week of the wedding.

If I don’t want financing, how will I pay for the services?

I request that $100 be paid at the time the contract is signed in order for me to black out the date on my calendar. I request that the remainder of the first 50% be paid within one month of the contract signing and the final 50% be paid no later than one month before the wedding date.

For anyone who requires or prefers an alteration to this model, I am open to change it.

What should I expect before the wedding day?

I like to get the names and phone number of the wedding planner, day-of coordinator, DJ, and photographer ahead of time so I have the chance to call them. I request, but don’t require, gettting a direct audio feed from the DJ so the ceremony, speeches, and music are as clear as possible. I prefer to clear this with them ahead of time. I will work shoulder-to-shoulder with the photographer, so I prefer to speak to them ahead of time to introduce myself and assure them that I will repect their professional needs on the day. The planner\coordinator usually provides the best info about how the event day will be unveiled.

Who should I expect to arrive at my wedding?

Every package I sell includes myself, as a cameraman, and an audio tech/assistant to help me throughout the day. The larger packages include additional videographers whom I have worked with on other events and have proven themselves to be skilled, professional, and fun. All my shooters use the same brand of camera and are made familiar with my preferred shooting techniques to ensure a consistent look to the video.

Technical Questions that I love

How much does it cost to get extra DVDs?

Anything less than 10 DVDs is free of charge. To those who want more I can upload the DVD to an online manufacturing site that will allow you to order as many as you want for less than $2 a piece.

What cameras do you use

I have long been a true fan of the cinematic look of Canon DSLRs shooting Full HD at a film-like 24 frames per second. The images these cameras achieve are strong in low-light, brilliant in daylight, and rich in color while being soft and deeply flattering to skin tone.

These cameras however don’t suffer fools lightly and the lack of automatic features requires shooters that are quick, precise, and very detailed. With my own brand of third-party software hacks I have turned my cameras into the exact tools I need them to be. The results are easily worth it.

How do you get audio during the ceremony?

My preferred way to capture a ceremony is to create a plethora of options for ease in post-production and as preemptive defense against unforseen accidents and mistakes. I will post an H6 Zoom audio recorder near the DJ or sound system to tap a direct feed from the microphones. The recorder will also be set to record direct audio from attached microphones. I will often place another audio recorder with a camera shooting a stationary wide shot for crowd and environment sounds. I will place a small portable audio recorder into the groom’s pocket and connect that to a small lavalier microphone I hide behind his tie to prevent ruining the pictures. And in case those four audio feeds fail, every camera recording the event, from three to as many as six, will be recording audio as well as video.

I long ago realized that the most beautiful video will not be appreciated by a client if the vows, the speeches, the first dance, etc. are not captured faithfully. I stress the importance of this to my shooters above all and am proud to have developed techniques to ensure excellent results in a wide variety of environments and conditions.

Do you use wireless microphones?

In a nutshell, no. Due to the greater use and availability of wireless devices the possibility for noise to be introduced into the video are too great to ignore. While high-end systems have created solutions for this phenomenom, they are prohibitively expensive and not sized to be suitable for a run-and-gun shooter style. When you look at the alternatives available, wireless just doesn’t seem reasonable.

Questions I never get asked but wish I did

Why is video important if we already have a photographer?

I personally love photography. Photos can transform a moment of time into a work of art, but photos can’t do everything. A photo can capture a smile but video can capture a laugh, a joke, not just a dance step but the whole dance, not just a gesture but the whole speech. Video is magic that captures and highlights a moment, juxtaposes other elements to create a piece of art that doesn’t merely reflect reality but transcends it.

What’s your favorite wedding story?

Years ago I had the pleasure of seeing my parents wedding video. Being the mid-seventies it had been shot on low-sensitivity 8mm film, it hadn’t aged well but to me and the members of my family, it was an unforgettable moment. I saw my parents on their special day, I saw people who passed before I was born, I saw them talking to and hugging each other, most disturbingly, I saw my Dad’s retched haircut.

I hope that my videos will someday provide the same solace to the men and women who hire me or their families they are starting.

What do you enjoy most of working on weddings?

I love creating my own schedule. I love seeing the creation of a personal video from conception to completion. I love working from home with my fat cat on my lap and a large mug of tea beside me. But without a doubt the best part is the people.

The popular term “bridezilla” has been greatly overused. The great majority of brides and grooms don’t behave poorly and those that do, do so merely because the stress involved keeps them from fully enjoying such a great day. Everyone wants to have fun and that is what I see in them. I see people as happy as kids at Christmas and when I see a new bride and groom together, a sight I am priveleged to see often, their love radiates. I get to take part in that and I am grateful every time. No matter how long or hard a day’s shoot can be, when the day is done I can shake their hands and say “thank you for letting me be a part of this”, I feel like no amount of effort is too much. Often, I feel like I have the best job in the world.

Where did the title Brogan Video come from?

I have been a member of a Renaissance reenacting guild and the character I achieved the most notoriety for was Brogan the Barbarian. At the same time I was in college and I began using that name as a penname, as well as being the basis of my longest held email address. To me, Brogan was a name that represented heedless enthusiasm and confidence.

I would include a picture here of me wearing sword and a great Kilt of my family tartan but …

Who is the best actor to portray James Bond?

How can a simple man judge or compare the pinnacles of style and awesome class that constitutes the Bond actors? That being said, I love them all, but Sean Connery has my vote.

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